Caroline Outing!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

We took Caro to the grocery store together for the first time today. At first she was very calm and liked all of the new lights, sounds and colors. But, then she became the dreaded Fuss Bus, so Bryce had to take her out to the car while I checked out. Still fun to be together though...

We also went out to dinner together for the first time to the classy Round Table Pizza. Although the crowd was a little seedy, we enjoyed being out together and the pizza hit the spot. We even fed her there (first with her bottle, then with the G-Tube). One odd thing - as we were leaving, I felt a tap on my arm and a lady asked me "What's wrong with your baby? Why is she on oxygen?" We just said it was weak lungs. That was the first time a complete stranger went out of their way to ask us about Caroline. I'm sure it won't be the last, but it was certainly unwelcome.


  1. Okay-we went to Round Table pizza about a week ago because had fond memories from his childhood--so NOT what he remembered. Pizza was so so and the place was dirty--must be better on your side of town!

  2. The pizza was good - yes - but the place was dirty, hot (we think they had no A/C), etc. Next time we'll have to have it delivered!


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