Cute Pics (2 in Bumbo seat and 1 with Dad)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Our PT let us borrow a Bumbo seat. The seat supports the rest of her body, so she can just concentrate on balancing her head (for Caroline, balancing her head on her own is like trying to balance a bowling ball on a pencil). She has done very well with this seat, and she looks so cute in it.

Love this Picture:


  1. I wish I would have had one of those Bumbo seats with Miles. Everyone says they are so great!

  2. I just found your blog via a google search for the "sign for diaper". My nephew has Trisomy 16q. A diagnosis we were told by the genetic doctor "WAS NOT COMPATABLE WITH LIFE". At 16 days he got his G-tube, but at 6 months it FELL out and was not reinserted. He was taking everything by mouth. Something the doctor said he would never do! At two days old the doctors told my sister he would never eat/walk/talk and that he would be to mentally "retarded" to learn hwo to suck. He is hard of hearing and wears hearing aids. He is "delayed" but refer to it as him doing everythign in Anthony time. He is at my house 5x a week for "daycare". He is now 2 1/2 YEARS old! He walks! Talks(okay babbles), does sign language bath, mom,more, bird, all done, eat, drink, please) He also does Early Childhood Intervention. He has had OT, PT, Deaf Educatin services and next week is starting Speach Therapy also. Keep praying for healing. I dont wan to leave our whole story on your blog comments, it could be a book! Dont let those doctors discourage you!
    Tiffany in Texas!

  3. I happened upon your sight while looking for baby signs. Your baby is absolutely darling. What a sweetie! I work in early intervention as a speech pathologist. Best of luck to you in all of your therapy endeavors! Anna


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