EEG Test

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Caroline had an EEG done today (for more information about the test click here). The neurologist ordered this test to see if Caroline is prone to seizures.

For three hours prior to the test, she was not allowed to eat or sleep. As soon as I made the appointment, thinking about today filled me with dread. No morning nap time?!? - that should be great fun!

Turns out that little Caro surprised me - besides a little fussing in the car ride to the doctor's, she did just fine. Once we got to the office, she fell asleep right in my arms (partially due to her lack of sleep and partially due to a mild sedative they gave her). After she fell asleep, the EEG technician put little electrodes all over her head and chest - 26 in all. Although the electrodes stayed on well, they weren't sticky enough to hurt Caro when taken off, so no Grandmas need to start worrying about that.

While the tech could not officially interpret the test results for me, she did say that if anything concerning occured during the test, she would get the doctor right then. Well, she never got the doctor. The tech hinted that this result makes it very probable that she does not have seizures (that doesn't mean she's 100% clear - but a very good result all the same). The neurologist will follow-up with us next month.

Since the appointment, she has only been awake for feedings. (Note to self: must get that sedative on hand ASAP - makes getting things done much easier :).

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