Father's Day & C's 5 Month B-day

Sunday, June 17, 2007

We decided to make today Caro's first Sunday at church. I can't even express the joy I felt being all together there. It was so exciting - kind of an unusual word to use for Sacrament meeting, but it's true.

After church, as expected, a lot of people came up to us to see Caroline - as you can imagine, we heard "look at all of that gorgeous hair" "she's adorable" "so tiny" and "beautiful" a lot! People knew not to get too touchy or too close - they were very respectful. What a relief! We only took her to Sacrament meeting this time, but, assuming she doesn't get sick from all of these outings, we'll take her to the full three-hour block next time.

See below for pics of today.

1 comment:

  1. How exciting to hear that Caroline went to church yesterday! How wonderful for you to be there altogether as a family! It's great news!


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