I'm already a Soccer Mom?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well, I basically am, except I'm more like a "Doctor" Mom. We've had 5 appts. in the last three days, with 3 more before the end of the week. Here's my vow though...I won't go Minivan! This could be my very own "Read my lips..." statement, but I'm going to try to stick to it.

Some highlights:

PT - Caroline gets better at tolerating therapy with each appt (not as much crying or tensing up) and the PT noticed improved head control. That's because "we" (i.e. Bryce) worked with her so much over the weekend - he's a dedicated dad!

OT - The OT worked with her a lot on holding her hands to her mouth and body awareness. The OT told me that, when babies are putting their hands to their mouths, that action of course teachs them to self-sooth, but it also strengthens their eyes' ability to focus straight ahead.

Cardiologist - Her ASD (Atrial Septal Defect - hole in heart) has gotten bigger (from 5.6mm to 6.3mm). The doctor didn't actually seem too concerned about that. He was more concerned about the placement of the ASD. At the last appt., he talked about fixing the ASD with a non-invasive catheter surgery. However, after reviewing the EKG, he believes the location and size of the ASD makes fixing it without open-heart surgery much more difficult. He did say that we may be able to delay having the surgery for a very long time, maybe even avoid it completely, if the ASD doesn't seem to contribute to other problems in her body. Hopefully, we'll be able to avoid that one!


  1. :-) for the OT and PT appointments;

    :-( for the cardiologist.

  2. You can't avoid the minivan, Erika. You think you can bet then the day comes where you find yourself wanting one. It's inevitable. :)

    I have so enjoyed getting information about Caroline. My kids want me to check everyday if there is a new post. They are so interested.


  3. I won't give in :)!

    I'm so glad you guys like the blog and that my little cousins (second cousins or once-removed?) like it.

    Give them hugs from me.

  4. Loved the pictures and blog, read all of it again. Thanks for Teresa's recipe. I will make that one. So glad we could be with you and Caro for the blessing at Church and precious time spent with our little doll, Caroline and our big dolls, Erika and Bryce!


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