She's Drinking More!

Friday, June 29, 2007

As I mentioned in the Speech Therapy post, Caroline hasn't been drinking a lot on her own lately, on average about 5-10ccs (1-2 tsp.) per feeding (the total she needs to take in is 80 ccs per feeding). It has been especially frustrating because, in the weeks following her arrival home, she was progressing well with her feedings - even getting to an average of 20ccs per feeding and a few times even drinking 35 ccs at once. We thought she'd get to full feeds in no time. Then about a month or so ago, her numbers started to drop off - some days averaged < 5 ccs.

But, good news, in the last few days, she has picked up significantly (strong 10s and 15s each time) and tonight she drank 25 once! Many things could've contributed to this (we went from an Avent bottle to a Dr. Brown bottle, we've been doing the exercises her speech therapist has taught us, Bryce was feeding her [she always seems to drink more when Daddy holds her]). Whatever the reason is, we're excited about the progress.

Here's Bryce checking the amount:

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  1. Found your blog while looking for sign language for my 10 month old girl. Your little girl is precious. I am a Physical Therapist Assistant who worked in pediatrics for three years. I only left that area of my practice due to a move.
    My oldest son Michael, who is now 20, was a preemie and his first year was scary.
    My prayers are with you.
    Camille English
    Woodstock, GA
    mother to Samantha, Jacob, Scott and Michael


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