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Monday, July 30, 2007

My cousin Amy had a great idea! She made something that protects a full outfit during eating, cooking, or crafts, not just part of it like a bib or apron. Check out her website: One Big Cool Bib. They are really cute and - fyi - are all handmade, reversible and machine-washable. I think these would also be great for children with special needs.

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  1. Hi I came across your blog on my random wanderings and am so glad I did. What a gorgeous little girl you have! I have worked with disabled teenagers (am just about to go on camp again next week!) and have often been struck by the amazing view they have on life and the wonderful strength of their families. I hadn't even heard of your daughter's syndrome before though, so your blog is both educating me and making me smile to see the love you have for her! Thank you for sharing!


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