Jack's Wedding

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jack and Melissa got married last Friday. It was such a special day, and they are an adorable couple. Caroline did very well throughout all of the festivities (she slept the whole time because she was up the whole day and night before). She loved meeting so many relatives (she, yet again, did NOT like the car ride on the way to LA - basically cried the whole time - fun for Mommy and Daddy). Enjoy the pics!

Caroline was nice enough to hold my bridesmaid's bouquet:).


  1. Great pictures! Big favor, could you send the ones of you and your mom and dad and the ones of our family. Love all of them. Bet if I were more computer smart I could take them off this blog :-(

  2. Erika-You are so gorgeuous. You have a perfect smile in every picture. Caroline looked beautiful too! (I hope she slept on the way back.) What a fun day-let's see some of your wedding on here.


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