Lots of Firsts

Thursday, July 5, 2007

On the morning of the 4th, we began a trip to Grandma's house (Gma and Gpa S). This trip has included a lot of firsts already. See below for details:

First Fourth of July, First Road Trip, First Trip to Grandma's

We are so grateful that we made it to CA without any serious incident - but we had a list prepared of all hospitals on the way just in case. Also, Caro didn't sleep that much, and she pretty much hates being in her carseat when awake, so that was fun for us...

First Time Seeing a Dog!

Caroline and Abbey get along very well - even though they can only see each other through a window.

First Sushi Restaurant (Sushi Raku = excellent sushi. If you're in Agoura and you like sushi, don't miss it [on Kanan, just east of the 101] .)

"Cold Edamame feels good on my teething gums!"

"I'm going to like salmon sushi in the future!"

"No Mommy, I'm not old enough to try a spicy tuna roll"

After all these firsts, Caroline needed a good nap (Bryce did too after trying to keep up with her).


  1. Cute pictures--even cuter in person! Caroline loved her salmon sashimi facial.

  2. Love her outfit! She is so cute!!


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