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Sunday, July 8, 2007

We're back home after our trip to LA and had an amazing time. I already posted a little bit about Wednesday and Thursday, but the fun kept going Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

On Friday, my mom kindly watched Caroline while Bryce and I went to Zuma Beach, by way of lunch at Malibu Seafood (so good - link here).

We really enjoyed just hanging out together at the beach. It was a bit of a windy, overcast day, but that didn't stop Bryce from boogieboarding in the heavy surf (he did a great job!). While he was in the ocean (too cold for me), I read a mystery book, then we both layed out together and worked on our non-existent tans.

After that long, hard day, I pampered myself with a pedicure:). Later that night, we helped Jack and Melissa set up for a garage sale they put on the next day (they ended up making a good amount of money and estimate that 200-300 people showed up - we think they should start a business putting on garage sales for other people).

After the garage sale on Saturday, we went down to Hollywood, saw Wicked (see post below), then walked around Universal CityWalk, and ate way too much yummy food at Buca Di Beppo. Of course, my parents watched little Caro the whole time.

Bryce and I really appreciate their help. We haven't had so much time alone together since before the baby; it's hard with any newborn to keep "dating" but especially hard with Caro because most people don't seem to feel comfortable watching her for very long (long enough to feed her via g-tube, deal with O2 tank, her fussing episodes [she fusses like a typical baby, but, because of her medical history, it's more stressful to deal with], etc.) .

We drove home Sunday morning; C did a little better this time - she still cried a lot but slept more too.

Can't wait to go back in a couple weeks for Jack and Mel's wedding!

After Wicked, at CityWalk

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  1. It looks like you had a great time! I'm glad Caro made it fine. I'm sure it was a bit stressful. I bet her G & G were happy to have her there. Can't wait to see you!!!!


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