Wicked: The Musical

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Have you ever experienced something that is so surprising, exciting, and new it just kind of wakes you up? Days after enjoying it - whether it's a great movie, new vacation spot, innovative meal, or dramatic piece of art - you're still talking about it and replaying it in your mind.

The musical Wicked woke me up! Its music and lyrics, libretto, sets, and costume were all stellar. I know this information is old news to many of you - the musical has been out since late 2003 - but I finally get to jump on the bandwagon. We got a chance to see it on Saturday thanks to my parents (got us the tickets for Jack and me as b-day presents) and to my uncle Jeff. The show has been sold out for months in LA, but he had a connection who got tickets for Jack, Melissa, Bryce, and I (VIP tix - usually reserved for guests of the cast and crew) on the 5th row - amazing!

It's playing in Hollywood's Pantages Theatre, an art deco theatre with an old Hollywood feel. As soon as we sat in our exceptional seats, we knew we were in for a treat. The proscenium area (arch around the stage) was covered in set pieces that were both mechanical and exotic, including the front-half of a metallic dragon looming over us at the top of the arch. In place of a curtain, a map of the Land of Oz hung over the stage.

Took a few pics before getting caught by the usher - here's one right before the play started

Once the play started, it sucked us in for the full two and a half hours (which went by too fast). Edin Espinosa, the actress who played Elphaba (the Wicked Witch), gave me goosebumps everytime she sang - especially during"The Wizard and I" and "Defy Gravity" - perhaps the best voice I have ever heard live. The music and lyrics were witty, beautiful, and thoughtful, and, unlike many stage musicals, there weren't too many filler songs. Almost every song enhanced the plot and/or characters.

I was concerned because, prior to seeing Wicked, I hadn't listened to much of the music or read the book the play is based on. No need to worry though- I followed the plot and understood each song clearly, and there were a few plot twists at the end of the play that weren't spoiled for me.

I know I've been gushing, but this musical deserves that kind of praise. Even if a musical is not your typical form of entertainment, you will love this play - all four of us did.


  1. I couldn't agree more. I have seen Wicked twice (in London and LA) and LOVED it each time. In fact, I really can't wait to go back to LA and see it again.

  2. Erika, right on with the review of Wicked. We all loved it too in San Diego. Wish Bruce and kathy would go. I would like to see it again also!

    Thanks for your trip log. I vicariously enjoyed that too. I am off for a day at the sewing machine. Love doing it. Hope Mom likes the results.


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