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Monday, July 16, 2007

Caroline had several appointments this last week, and a few even yielded new information:) (many appointments we go to end with the doctor basically saying "Let's wait and see what happens in the next few weeks...the front desk will set up your next appointment").

Pulmonologist (Lung Specialist): We have been waiting for so long to get more answers about what's going on with Caroline's lungs, and we finally got them last Friday. Based on Caroline's sleep study, the doctor believes that, contrary to the tech's analysis, Caroline did not have an abnormal amount of central breathing problems (brain not telling her to breath properly). This is great news because there's not a lot that can be done if her brain isn't telling her to get enough oxygen. Instead, it seems that she had a lot of obstructive apnea. The doctor believes that something in her upper airway (probably her tongue - Caro holds it back in her mouth a lot) is blocking her breathing and that is way she isn't able to get all of the oxygen she needs. The doctor believes this is something that can be corrected and referred us to a good ENT doc. This shows that she most likely won't have to be on oxygen permanently.

Cranial Plastic Surgeon: Some of Caro's skull plates (the ones under her forehead) are fused; that is why she has that ridge on her forehead. These plates aren't supposed to be fully fused until age two, so unfortunately Caro has to have surgery to fix this. This surgery will be performed by both this surgeon and a neurosurgeon, and it will last for five hours and involve four days of recovery in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). We're very scared for her especially because she will have to go on a ventilator for the surgery, but this is the best thing to make sure her brain can grow properly. In this appointment, the surgeon decided that the surgery will take place in September - closer than we thought. Also, to perform the surgery, they have to shave her whole head:(.

Therapies - Caroline is showing a lot of progress because of them. She sticks her thumb in her mouth on her own now, she can control her head much more easily, and she is laughing and cooing more and more. Our girl is growing up!


  1. Thanks for the update EJ. Although I do think Caro's trip to California may have also contributed to her increase in smiling and cooing. :-) I love the pic of her holding the flag on the 4th.

  2. Love the pictures. Thanks so much. I love this little girl so much and her Mom and Dad. The doctor news is a mixed bag! Glad about the therapies and lung doctor report.

    So sorry to hear about the needed surgery. It is still and always will be a day by day walking by faith. Love, Love, Love, see you very soon.


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