My First Post

Saturday, August 25, 2007

As my first post to the blog, I thought it should be something enlightening, informative, and above all else, memorable. Therefore, I introduce to you my favorite summertime show Ice Road Truckers on the History channel.

From the New York Times: "A certain television viewer, the one who hates network fluff but who cautiously enjoys an informative program about life’s gritty hardships (and workaday chances for swashbuckling), may find himself with a hole in his schedule — and a quiet longing in his stoic heart. " I am one such viewer. The season just ended, so you will have to check out reruns.


  1. We finally got to watch an episode of this and found it quite intriguing. I can see why you like it. We especially had fun trying to guess what all the bleeps stood for :-)


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