Stats Update

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Per an appointment with her Gastroenterologist, Caroline is now...

11 pounds, 2.4 oz and 24.6 inches long!


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  2. Over 11 pounds--woo hoo! Sweet pictures--love the little hands folded snuggly and tight.

  3. That is exciting news! Caroline is getting so big. Looks like she's grown just since the weekend of Jack and Melissa's wedding. I agree with your Mom--sweet pictures. Keep those pictures coming.

  4. YAHOO!!! Such a big girl! And a cutie-patootie, too. Is that how you spell it?
    Love the photos, as always -- and especially all her clothes with things on the bum. You need to let me know where you get them. So cute. =)

  5. Glad you guys like the pictures!

    Becca, regarding the outfits, you'll have to check with my mom - she's got all the know-how when it comes to accentuating baby bums:).


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