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Friday, September 21, 2007


She used to cry after two minutes on her tummy - now she smiles there.

No more posing, time to work!

The Tired One

Caroline is now 12.1 lbs. and 25" long! Also, she's lifting her head from off of the flat ground - no wedge helping here!

Many of you have asked us what the status is about her cranial surgery. Currently, we're still waiting for her doctors to come to a consensus and then we'll make a final decision. Thank you for your prayers - keep them coming.


  1. Yah for her!! So strong!
    Can't wait for the novel!! Your mom would be disappointed in me too because your list of TV shows is the same as mine, only yours is shorter and food well...i am obsessed. Your blog makes me feel better, I'm not alone.

  2. I can't believe how far she has come. She is such a fighter!!!

  3. gosh she's really coming along - way to go Caroline! Will keep you all in my prayers, especially regarding the surgery!

  4. Erika, I was wondering lately if the doctors have mentioned anything about how much longer Caroline will need to be on oxygen? It seems like you told me, but I don't remember. We will be going to the temple again this Saturday and will put Caroline's name on the prayer roll. Love you!


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