ASD Closure

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Here's Caro showing off her improved coordination (bringing her hands to mid-line) and exploring things with her mouth.

On October 29th, Caroline's ASD will be closed with a catheter procedure. You may remember that as recently as September, her cardiologist told us he thought an open-heart operation would be required to close the ASD. However, after some consideration and consultation with other specialists (and, we think, some prayers on our part), the cardiologist now believes he can close the ASD with the much less invasive catheter procedure.

The procedure will last about 2 hours. Typically, this is an outpatient procedure, but the doctors think they'll keep Caro overnight. Bryce and I feel that this is the right course for C; it will make her much stronger in many ways (breathing, therapies, etc.) and will prepare her for her cranial surgery if we go forward with that.

Although the cardiologist thinks he can close the ASD with the catheter procedure, he said there is a possibility it may not be successful, in which case they would perform open-heart surgery. We obviously really don't want that but feel good about going forward with this.

So, we have decided to have faith that all will be well. We've also decided to ask for your faith, prayers, and fasting on October 28th, the Sunday prior, on behalf of Caroline - that her procedure will be successful so open-heart surgery won't have to be done. With everyone behind us, Bryce and I know that we can drive up to the hospital on the 29th with courage in our hearts.


  1. Thanks for letting us know about this, Erika. We will be sure to fast and pray for all three of you, especially little Caroline.

  2. That is wonderful news... I shall be sure to keep you all in my prayers.

  3. What a beauty! Parker will be undergoing a right heart cath in Novemember. We will keep you guys in our prayers!

  4. Best of luck - and you'll be in our prayers. I'll let my mom know.

    On another note, that's a fun toy. I want one for Zara.

  5. Our thoughts and prayers will be with your family and Caroline. We hope for the best. You are the best parents she could have ever wished for!

  6. We will definitely be fasting and praying for Caroline (and you and Bryce) next Sunday and praying more on Monday! We love you!

  7. I'm so glad Caro is feeling better! Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers!


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