Getting better

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

After another awful night last night (slept maybe 1 hr. the whole night and had an incident where her O2 saturation levels went down to 27%), she's doing better today. This morning, her temp was around 99.9, but by 5 or so it was normal (98.6). Granted, that is with Tylenol, but they've been giving her fewer and fewer doses of it and the fever's still down. The docs aren't using the word "pneumonia" any more - now saying slight respiratory distress. By the end of the day, her lungs were sounding much clearer and her breathing treatments (albuterol/pulmicort) have been reduced by half. Plus, she's started sleeping peacefully this evening, so hopefully that will continue through the night.

The physician's assistant even said she may get to go home tomorrow, but we haven't heard that from the offical doctor yet so we'll be keeping our fingers crossed.

Sidenote, the cranial surgeon called me today. He conferred with Caro's cardiologist, who agrees that the open-heart surgery on her ASD should be done before the cranial surgery and that it can be done soon. They both want to talk with a few more colleagues, so we'll see... ugh, no more hospitals, no more doctors!!!

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  1. I'm sure appt. after appt. is soooo frustrating!! You are a ROCK!I am so happy to hear C's getting better! Yea for her, and YEA for some sleep (maybe :> )


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