Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Caroline was admitted into the hospital this afternoon. She was up all last night coughing, very congested. Then at 7am, we took her temperature and it was 102 degrees. I took C into the pediatrician, and by then, the pediatrician's office had her fever at 105.5. The pediatrician also diagnosed C with an ear infection, diarrhea, and respiratory distress. She decided to have her admitted to the hospital right away. Bryce met me and we drove to the ER. Once in the Pediatric Triage area of the ER, her temp was still at 103 - they immediately administered medicine. After 4 hours of examinations, x-rays, blood tests, and IV insertions, she was officially admitted to the Peds Intermediate Care Unit (one level less severe than Intensive Care and one more severe than the Regular Peds Unit). She tested negative for RSV (good!), and her temperature started going down because of the medicine - last number was at 99.8. The results of her chest x-ray didn't indicate severe pneumonia, but the doctors still think she has slight pneumonia based on her symptoms of fever and respiratory distress.

They think she'll be in there for about 2 days, but it will all depend on if what we saw today is the worst of what she has or only the beginning. Tonight they'll be giving her respiratory treatments every 2 hours and suctioning her airways every 4 hours. We can't believe this is happening after all we've done to protect her, but we truly feel like she'll recover and come back home with us to continue thriving. We just have to accept that this health rollercoaster comes with raising Caroline.

Will keep you posted as we can.


  1. I spoke with your Dad today and got the scoop on Caroline. (Actually Grandma S. told me first--I better give her the credit in case she reads this!) So glad to know she is doing a little better today. Our prayers are with her and of course you and Bryce. Thanks for your diligence in keeping this blog so current. I hadn't checked it for a couple of days or I would have known sooner.

  2. Hang in there Erica! You are amazing! Our prayers are with you!!


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