Living with a trach

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The last few days since we've been home from the hospital have been very stressful. Getting used to her new trach with all of its equipment has been awful. Plus, Caroline really hasn't been herself lately - not as animated or strong, drooling more, kind of listless, and she still needs oxygen, which is frustrating because we were told before that she only needed oxygen because her throat wasn't providing a strong airway. We're now being told that she may be off of oxygen in 4-6 months. We're trying to be patient and hope that all of this will sort itself out for the best.

We have a lot of new equipment to get used to: (From L to R) oxygen concentrator (purifies the air into pure oxygen to go into her tube), oxygen saturation monitor, nebulizer, portable suction machine (the trach, like any other airway, gets mucous in it so we suction it out every couple hours or so) -- not seen here is the humidifier (see post from a few days ago for the picture)

The medical supplies needed for one month.

It's all worth it for...

this little beauty (one of her first smiles since the hospital).


  1. Erica & Bryce I am so glad that your little cutie is back to her loving warm home! It does not sound like you have had an easy couple of weeks. I am so sorry! You are in are prayers - I hope that this week goes better.

  2. What a cute smile! The yard looks great! So glad you're all home now.

  3. Hi Bryce and Erika--Aunt Vella here. I read your blog regularly and don't write because I feel I have nothing of wisdom to contribute. I want you to know, however, that I am tracking and thinking of you and pray for mercy, wisdom and courage.

    Your efforts are inspiring. You could both apply and manage health assisted programs I am sure. Love you both from a distance for sure.

  4. Erika and Bryce: We are so happy that you are all home again. We keep you in our prayers.

    Pat & John Tubbs
    (John Perazzo's cousin)


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