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Sunday, December 23, 2007

You may have heard of the author/historian David McCullough, the author of Truman, John Adams, and 1776. I recently read one of his earlier books, Mornings on Horseback. Winner of the 1982 National Book Award, Mornings on Horseback is a biography of Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. ("Teedie" - yes, that's how it was spelled) that focuses on his childhood and early political career.
I've always liked Presdent Roosevelt for what he did for the National Park System but did not know much about how he became President or what he did before that. "Wealthy, challenged, and unique" are words I would use to describe President Roosevelt after reading this book.

Wealthy: At a time when the majority of Americans had trouble putting food on the table, the Roosevelts were enjoying lavish parties at their home on 5th Avenue, vacationing overseas for months at a time, and spending their summers at their vacation home on Oyster Bay.

Challenged: Teedie struggled with a debilitating case of asthma throughout his childhood and teenage years as well as the premature deaths of his father (48), mother (46), and first wife, Alice Lee, at the young age of 22.

Unique: Teedie enjoyed hunting, taxedermy, reading, writing non-fiction novels, cattle ranching, sleigh riding, rowing, hiking, helping the poor, and politics. He also had nice side burns.

(Teedie at Harvard)

I hope you will check out this book.


  1. I like your review. I will read this book. I liked he one he wrote on John Adams.
    Grandma C

  2. I actually have the book in my library along with John Adams and 1776--I better get reading! Recently I was watching a segment on the History Classroom about Teedie and it was extremely interesting. Thanks for the review.


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