Illness Update

Saturday, December 22, 2007

E and I went to a doctor on Thursday as we had had fevers for a few days and our throats were hurting a lot. (E's throat was so bad that she could not eat or drink). We were both diagnosed with strep throat and put on antibiotics. E also got a shot to speed up her recovery, as she had an "advanced" case. Thankfully, Caro has not shown symptoms of strep other than brief fevers on Tues and Wed night. This is truly a Christmas miracle given the high-level of contagiousness (sp?) of strep with children and Caro's weak immune system. As any reader of this blog knows, if Caro had come down with strep at this time, we certainly would have spent Christmas in the hospital this year. Now, with the antibiotics, E and I should be completely well by Christmas.

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  1. Bryce, thanks for writing this illness update. We can't quit thinking about your family at this time and the difficult time you are having this Christmas. This gives us hopw that you will yet have a good Christmas, Not in the hospital with anybody!. We love you all so much. Christmas wishes and love to all the Lovelands in Vegas and TK and Ken!

    Love Grandma C


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