The Wiggle Worm

Monday, December 17, 2007

On Sunday, I was getting ready for church, looked over at Little, and she was doing leg lifts. Here's the video (yes, the first video of ours on Love from LV - it's short but sweet) -

Still picture of the random leg lifts

"Give me all your presents...".

Little Miss Santa's Little Helper 2007, seen here wearing the honorary jacket

Little Miss Santa's Little Helper 2007 resting in the arms of her pagaent coach.


  1. Oh my God, she's adorable, so cute.

  2. Love it! And Happy 11 Months to the little sweetie.

  3. Oh! I love the video. she is so adorable.

  4. How cute! Love the video. I didn't know one could do videos on blogs. Live and learn. That really gives a new dimension to blogs. Leg lifts yet, way to go!

    Love the Santa helper suit too.

  5. Love the video and leg lifts! Very cute and fun--Little Miss Santa Helper and outfit!

  6. Way to work it Caroline! And horray for the video mom!


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