Caroline is 1 year old!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Caroline is officially one year old, and we're so happy about it!

She didn't like the bow we kept trying to keep on her head. But the bow entertained us, so we kept putting it back on.

"What's going on, Dad?"

She started to get fussy with all of the commotion.

We even had her try the tiniest bit of frosting to cheer her up, but that was information overload and Caroline meltdown time. So...

I took a few pictures of the party (cupcakes by me, used a good recipe from Magnolia Bakery in NYC via Martha)...

While Bryce took her upstairs where she promptly started to enjoy the wrapping paper from her presents.

She liked the books, toys, burp cloths from her G and G L...

and the CD, outfit, and CD/MP3 player from G and G S.

...and the card from G and G S too. And everything from everyone else - we really appreciate every one's calls, cards, emails and presents. We know how much all of you love Caroline.

Some of Caro's doctors told us that she may not live to see her first birthday, so today's celebration was truly special for us.

Finally, some video that shows Bryce trying to get a birthday smile from the little bug:


  1. Happy Bithday Caroline! Congratulations, that is so great. I loved the bow headband, very cute.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Caroline!

  3. Happy Birthday Caroline! Loved the cute little smile she gave on the video.

  4. Great pictures! We were so sad to miss the big day, but we can tell just what it was like from the pictures (except next time we need one of the mom, too). Love you all.

  5. happy birthday! love the headband.

  6. We thought about Caroline last night and her big birthday! Looks like a fun little party--

  7. How adorable! I love her smiles in the video! Happy Birthday Caro!

  8. GGMC and GGPC love the pictures and we even see our card in the picture with her cards.

    Stylin with the pink head dress! We thought about her and her parents many times yesterday.

  9. Loved the pictures and the video--you guys are amazing and so is little Miss Caroline! Very, very cute! We are glad you feel our love.

  10. Happy birthday! That is so wonderful. She looks like such a sweet little girl. You guys are amazing.

  11. Happy birthday Caroline! Such a cute video; what a sweetheart.

  12. OH I missed the big day! Happy Belated Birthday Caroline - what wonderful presents you received.

  13. What a fun milestone! I bet those cupcakes were yummy. I loved the smile as well. She's a daddy's girl, isn't she? Happy Birthday sweet Caroline!


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