Vegas Baby

Monday, January 28, 2008

Love this onesie from my mom. She got it from Kitson before Caroline was born. Also, notice the tights and socks. The tights are actually called Baby Legs - a gift from my friend, Annie. They're great for Caroline because they provide easy access for feedings with her g-tube and diaper changes while she wears onesies. The socks are from Trumpette - this time, they're like ballet slippers - from Melissa's parents.

Thank you everyone for making our girl so well-dressed!

Oh, and I dyed my hair red/brown...sorry, Gma C (she prefers me as a blond, but I get bored with that sometimes).

I'm reminding Caroline about her thumb, and she's interested in it.

"Is this almost over?"

So tired after her long photo shoot!


  1. Love the hair...Caro's and yours!

  2. You are two beautiful girls. Cute outfit on the baby :-)

  3. Love these pictures. You made my day! I knew Caro would be gorgeous in brown!

    Love everybodies hair too! A red brown combo might improve me too??

  4. oops, guess the outfit is black. Well every girl looks good in black.

  5. The onesie is great! It's fun to play dress up with kids. And lucky you witha girl. She's more fun than a boy to play dress up with.

  6. Erika your hair looks great. I like the combination of colors. Although, nothing beats Caroline's hair. She is so beautiful.

  7. Oh my goodness!! I don't think I've ever seen you in dark hair -- and I LOVE IT!! You're gorgeous!
    Fabulous, darlingk, just fabulous. =)

  8. Cool tights! And love your hair--you both look great!

  9. I love your hair color like that! It's darling. And of course, love the onesie. Let me know if you want one from Switzerland... :)


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