Presidents' Day Together

Monday, February 18, 2008

First, Bryce and I took Caroline to her occupational therapy appointment. Usually, I sit with Caroline during the appointment, but, becuase Bryce was there, I went to a store right by her therapy place that I've been wanting to check out called Cheesecake and Crime, a mystery bookshop/cheesecake bakery and cafe. The store is steeped in charm and ease - a perfect place to hang out. I bought a new book there by Martha Grimes. I love mysteries and this series by her looks right up my alley - set in the British countryside and has English nobility, meddling old biddies, and....(duh, duh, duh) murder.

Then, we all left OT and went to a closeout furniture sale. We browsed around, and I found a chair that I liked...which was listed at around $2,000.

Well, the store did have signs everywhere saying they were accepting all reasonable offers.

So, Bryce gave them our offer of $200 :). The saleswoman said she would have to take the offer to the owner to see what he would say (we felt like we were on Deal or No Deal waiting for the Banker to call back). Anyway, I believe we offended him because we got a big NO DEAL back, something about the chair being of the highest quality, at least worth $700, blah, blah, blah. So we thanked them, started walking and they didn't stop us:). No big deal - we had a good time - Bryce especially (he loves to negotiate).

Following that, we had lunch at Pin-Kaow Thai Restaurant. We thought it was just OK, not nearly as good as Lotus of Siam (the BEST, seriously) or second best and more convenient to us Archi's Thai (we go to their location on Rainbow). Pin-Kaow's flavors weren't vibrant or memorable and the service was poor.

Then, we went to Lowe's and got some odds and ends, nothing exciting.

Then, we went to Lamps Plus and got a new chandelier(see the light fixture in the pic below) for above our dining room table and Bryce installed it himself! It looks great - Bryce is an electrician. I'll post real-life pictures later.

Finally, we came home - it was a fun holiday.

Sad News

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yesterday afternoon, Caroline was unexpectedly diagnosed as legally blind. We knew that she had some problems with sight, but at her last eye appointment, her doctor wasn't sure about the extent of her sight problems - she thought that perhaps Caroline may need glasses and/or surgery to see better.

But, yesterday was the first time she used the term legally blind. She said unfortunately there's nothing to be done - no glasses, no surgery will help. The problem is in her optic nerve - optic nerve hypoplasia, plus a few other issues.

Her vision is at 20/600, which means she can see light, big objects, like faces or big stuffed animals or items with high color or shine, but no details. So, the doctor referred us to the Nevada Blind Children's Foundation and said she was sorry there isn't more we can actively do to help Caroline. I already have an appointment on the calendar to get a second opinion, but this doctor is very well respected and I have little reason to doubt the diagnosis.

We're sad and disheartened. We keep hoping that Caroline's abilities will start improving but we mainly have plateaus and setbacks. We don't really know where to go from here, other than to say that this is how she was born, this is what she knows, so it probably hurts us more than her. She's still our same, precious girl and all we can do is seek to understand the purpose of her life and our life with her.

LOVE x 2

Friday, February 1, 2008

Your favorite LOVE from Las Vegas team (i.e. Bryce and I) got out on Thursday night to see Cirque Du Soleil's LOVE. We had a great time. If you like Beatles songs (and yes, I do know at least one person who doesn't), you'll love this show. The show basically follows a loose timeline of the Beatles' lives together as a band and mixes in imaginary characters from their songs, like Sgt. Pepper, Eleanor Rigby, Lady Madonna, and Lucy in the Sky.

Compared to some of Cirque's other shows, LOVE lacked the quantity of crazy aerial acrobatics (although it certainly has quality feats throughout the show) , but it makes up for that in excellent dance, personality, beautiful special effects, and, of course, music. And, don't worry, it's not missing those uniquely Cirque moments where you wonder "what kind of a drug a person had to be tripping on to come up with that?".

Seeing people of all ages tapping their feet to the same tunes was great, and, while at times it felt like we were supposed to be worshiping at the Church of the Beatles, we came away from the show feeling good, waving peace signs, and saying "all you really need is love, man".

Come to Vegas and see the show!

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