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Friday, February 1, 2008

Your favorite LOVE from Las Vegas team (i.e. Bryce and I) got out on Thursday night to see Cirque Du Soleil's LOVE. We had a great time. If you like Beatles songs (and yes, I do know at least one person who doesn't), you'll love this show. The show basically follows a loose timeline of the Beatles' lives together as a band and mixes in imaginary characters from their songs, like Sgt. Pepper, Eleanor Rigby, Lady Madonna, and Lucy in the Sky.

Compared to some of Cirque's other shows, LOVE lacked the quantity of crazy aerial acrobatics (although it certainly has quality feats throughout the show) , but it makes up for that in excellent dance, personality, beautiful special effects, and, of course, music. And, don't worry, it's not missing those uniquely Cirque moments where you wonder "what kind of a drug a person had to be tripping on to come up with that?".

Seeing people of all ages tapping their feet to the same tunes was great, and, while at times it felt like we were supposed to be worshiping at the Church of the Beatles, we came away from the show feeling good, waving peace signs, and saying "all you really need is love, man".

Come to Vegas and see the show!


  1. Now, you have my interest and I think the rest of the Hull Family...we generally go to Vegas and only stay near Eric's family, but That could get us down to the sin of the city for a night of pure Beatle Love.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I need to tell Uncle Phil about this! He loves the Beatles! Maybe we'll catch a ride to Vegas sometime. How long will it be there? Do you know?
    Aunt Kris

  3. I didn't think it would take much convincing. Uncle Phil is definitely interested in seeing this show. As we talked yesterday, Erika, it might not be until the Fall, but we're coming!

  4. Sound great, Aunt Kris - can't wait to see you guys!


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