Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter in our house has involved the following: church, bathing Caroline, baking, Mormon Tab. Choir Easter music, napping, movies (Easter Parade and the end of Lawrence of Arabia), and a photoshoot. Hope your Easter has been as pleasant as ours.

Easter smiles

This little teether loves her paci

Daddy's little girl

Hmmm...let me think....

Our Easter egg

A chubby bug.

The hair everyone is talking about.

Doing her best to sit up.

"Isn't Sunday supposed to be a day of rest?"

"I'd rather have Easter candy than an Easter photoshoot."

I hate to post a sad picture, but this one showed off her new teeth the best. She also has two teeth on the bottom.

Our doll.

I love her cute face.

My heart is full of gratitude today. We believe in Jesus Christ and His Resurrection. This Easter, in a way that I haven't felt before, I am so thankful for the Savior and for that testimony of His mission. His Resurrection gives us hope and reminds us that, one day, our beautiful girl will have the perfect body and mind she so dearly deserves. If we live our lives as best we can, we will be able to see her whole for all eternity.


  1. Each picture is sweeter than the last and they are the best Easter present ever. Thanks for posting them!

  2. These pictures are so sweet. I love the pink bow in her hair. She is just precious.

  3. Gorgeous hair!!! She is getting so big--I can't believe it--teeth, sitting up...she's adorable.

  4. oh my God, she is getting more beautiful and bigger every day. She is her chubby face :)

  5. So cute! Love those pictures and my favorite (hard to pick) is the last one of her chubby arms! But then again I must say, I love seeing those teeth--I'm kind of partial to teeth!
    Love, Aunt Kris

  6. Erika! Looks like a fun Easter! I want to come and eat all that good looking food you post! Yum! Do you still check your hotmail account? I sent you an email there . . . Hope all is well! :)

  7. Happy Easter!
    Caroline, I'm so impressed with your sitting up! Nice work, girl!
    You are so cute, too.
    Love you all!!!

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  9. Oh that hair! It looks like a dolls, for real. Such cute pictures and I love the chubby one! Can't get enough of those rolls.


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