Craniosynostosis Recovery - Day 2

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Caro continues to progress smoothly.  She is completely off of the ventilator, although still on a higher amount of oxygen than normal.  That's to be expected because of the swelling in her head and airway.  Speaking of swelling, that's what Caroline's head has mainly been up to.  

Her doctors informed us from the beginning - that her head and eyes would swell a great deal post-surgery - like...A LOT.  Think Stewie from Family Guy (not that we watch that show... very much)...  

Anyway, her day mainly consisted of a lot of napping and waking up cranky as the morphine wore off.  We aren't able to pick her up yet because of the swelling and drainage, so it has been one of the harder things about this hospital stay to not be able to hold her when she's sad.  

She maintained a slight fever for most of the day, which is to be expected.  Tonight, though, the fever spiked to 103, so they sent blood cultures to the labs to make sure nothing else is going on.  

We still expect to have her home in a few days.

Again, the hospital shots below may disturb younger readers.  Remember, she is VERY swollen!


  1. Glad that today was a good day! Hopefully Caro's fever goes down too! Keep smiling and thanks for posting updates...they calm the worriers of the world :)

  2. Thank you so much for the updates. I love you and your family and am so proud of Caro's strength. You and your family are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Bless her heart! Caroline is such a trooper. We love you all.
    Love, Kara, Rich, and Nicholas.

  4. erika- what's up? it's emilee. blast from the byu past :) i found your blog through becca's and am just amazed at all you've gone through and how positive you are. you're inspiring. and your little caroline is a sweet doll! hope the postop goes well.

  5. I think Caroline is just about the cutest little cue ball EVER! =)
    I'm glad everything went smoothly and hope her fever goes down.
    Love you lots and say HI! to your parents!!!!

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