Good Heart News

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Caro had an appt with her cardiologist today to evaluate how her heart has taken to the device that closed up her ASD (the hole in her heart)(see this post for some history behind her ASD Closure)

The doctor said that her heart has completely closed around the device -there is no leak through it. Usually, it takes 6 months + for the heart to take to the device (it has been 5 months), so he was very pleased.

He also said that the heart murmur she has had since birth can no longer be detected. He said that her heart is now performing as if nothing had ever been wrong with it! Caro finally has the perfect heart she deserves.

He said that he wants her next check-up to be in ... 1 year! That's how unconcerned he is about her heart.

PS - He also cleared her (from a heart standpoint) for her cranial surgery coming up on the 16th (I'll post more about that later).


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  2. This is great news! It just shows what a strong little girl she is!

  3. Oooh I have missed so much with being offline for so long, so I am very glad to come back and see how well you are all doing :o)

  4. Wahoo!!! Again, nice work, lil C!!!!!! She's a fighter, that one. =)

  5. This is great news! So good to hear the updates and yes, we are anxious to hear all about the cranial surgery. Love you, Aunt Kris


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