A Success!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

After 5 1/2 hours in surgery, Caroline emerged safely from her cranial reconstruction!

In the waiting room, at 7:30am (after getting up at 5am to be there for her 6am call time!).  Here, she hasn't eaten since midnight and is still a pleasant bug, albeit a wiggly one (the wiggles were her saying "Feed Me!").

Dad and his girl having fun before surgery. 

"Don't worry, Dad.  I'm a strong one."

A moment with my girl

"Thank you for the smiles, Mom, but when is breakfast?"

We then sent her into surgery.  She did well throughout the surgery (she did have to have a 200cc blood transfusion because of blood loss, but we were prepared for that).  I can't tell you the feeling of relief that swept over us when the surgeon came out to tell us that the surgery went well.  A wonderful blessing!

The following pictures are of Caroline post-op.  They are slightly graphic and may be concerning to some of our younger blog readers.

As you can see, her head is much rounder (she's our little cue ball) and her eyes are further apart - there's no more bump on her forehead. (We'll do before and after pics when she has healed).

The wrap around her head is hiding the bandages over the incision that was done from ear to ear.  The little bag to the side of her head is from a shunt in her head; the shunt will help drain off excess liquid that will form in the head as it heals (I know it looks like it's all blood, but the docs assured us that there is only some blood - mostly it's other liquids).  The shunt will be removed before she goes home (which should be in 3-4 days).

Our lounging girl, as roly-poly as ever.

A peaceful C, doing her best to heal quickly (with a little help from Mr. Morphine:).  

As of this evening, the ventilator is not breathing for her, but she is still hooked up to it, as it's adding some pressure to the breaths she's taking on her own (just to make sure she's breathing well while sedated).  She should be fully off of it by tomorrow morning.

Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, and support.  They truly helped the doctors do a great job.  Our little Caro is a fighter; we're very grateful she can stay here with our family despite all the things her body has to go through to be with us.

(PS - Also, to those of you who posted comments on the blog over the last couple days, a special thanks - I love hearing from you!)


  1. So happy to hear it was a success. Wishing Caro a speedy smooth recovery. I hope you all will be able to get some rest. Yesterday sounds like a marathon day.

  2. so happy to hear all is well. I hope to come visit you before we leave out of town on fri. If I don't make it just know you are in my thoughts and prayers, and so happy today for baby C. love, lori

  3. What great news! I was excited to see this post. Hope her recovery goes well. She's such a cute, chubby doll!

  4. What a relief! We are so happy that all went well. Your pictures are so cute. Caroline has the chubbiest legs...I love them!! Keep us updated.

  5. Thank you for the detailed report. Your in our prayers.

  6. Yeah! We are so glad to hear it was a success. I love these pictures of her, she looks great!Her chubby little legs and arms are to die for!

  7. What great news. Love all of the pictures. I felt nothing but peace all day yesterday and this surprised me as I thought I would be a bundle of you know what. Such a nice blessing. I so hope she heals completely and well. Love to all. Grandma C


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