This week

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Caro had a pretty good week. Here's a blow-by-blow of what she did:
  • Re-started therapy appointments and the therapists feel that her skills are back to where she was pre-surgery, if not a little better - she just tires out pretty quickly
  • 15 month pediatrician appt (a month late) and received a couple immunization shots. Weight: a hefty 23 pounds 8 ounces with clothes and diaper on (so it's not the most accurate weight but it gives you an idea of how big she's getting)
  • Followed-up with the craniofacial plastic surgeon - sutures and scar look great, great recovery for the most part - there's only one area of bruising that may be a problem, but we'll only need to worry about it if it's still around next month
  • Got a cold or allergies or something for a couple of days, which ended some therapy appointments early and required suctioning a lot at night (parents don't need any sleep though, they've evolved into nocturnal zomby-like people);
  • Attended 3 hours of church on Sunday - for the first time since January!
Now for what you came to this site for, post-Church photo shoot:

Lovely ladies in their Sunday best

"Daddy, I'm tired" - "Just smile C, it will all be over soon."

"Daddy, I like hugs and kisses, but I'm going to take a nap now."

"I like my new hat, thanks, Grandma S!"


"That's better."

"I love my silver rattle. Thanks Uncle Jeff!"

Chubby legs.

"Happy Sunday everyone!"

"Nap time now, please"
Written by Bryce (E was already logged in, so I wrote under her name)

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I hope all of the women out there had a great Mother's Day - mine certainly was! B made me waffles for breakfast, got me a nice present AND made me dinner (well he chopped everything and mixed the sauces - I threw it all together at the end).

Caro's recovering very well, much better than expected. She's active and alert most of the time, but she still tires easily and needs pain medication every once in awhile. This week, we'll really see how recovered she is because she's going to resume physical, occupational, and speech therapy appointments.

Here are the latest pictures of her -taken this afternoon.

Listening to the rattle...

"What's that you say, Mr. Rattle?"

Our little GI Jane

"Don't call me, GI Jane. I'm still a cutie."

I love this expression of her's - a mix of funny and cute.

C celebrates Cinco de Mayo AT HOME...

Monday, May 5, 2008

...Arriba, Arriba :)!

We got to celebrate CDM by bringing Caroline home this afternoon. She's pretty tired and weak, but we can already tell that she's bouncing back from this hospital stay much more easily than from other stays in the past. Thanks again for your concern, prayers, and support. We've felt lifted up because of your help.

She gets to doze off at home.

Cranio...Day 6

Sunday, May 4, 2008

She's still doing well - just on a little more oxygen than normal still and, this evening, she had a slight fever of 99.6. The drs are telling us that she'll probably be able to come home tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures of our new girl:

"Hmmm...where's my hair?"

"I guess it's gone for now..."

"That's ok - I'm still a happy girl."

Cranio...Day 5

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Today was much better for the little bug:
  • After floating at 100-101.5 for most of last night and this morning, Caro's fever finally went away this afternoon.
  • The breathing treatments and other meds have cleared out the gunk in her lungs, and her breathing isn't as labored. She's still on more oxygen than she's on at home but that will hopefully come down soon.
  • Hemoglobin levels are still good.
  • Her swelling has gone down dramatically and her eyes are able to open halfway now.
  • She was more alert today - more like herself.
  • She won't go home tomorrow, but Monday is looking like a real possibility.

Isn't it amazing how her health can dramatically change from one day to the next? Some of you must have been praying with extra sincerity :) - thank you.

Look for pictures tomorrow!

Cranio...Day 4

Friday, May 2, 2008

After I posted last night, Caroline took a turn for the worse.  Her fever spiked to 104, and she started desating (the amount of oxygen in her blood kept dropping below where it should be).

So, the nurses had to bag her (put a bag over her trach to breath for her) for awhile.  After things calmed down, tests and xrays were done;  the xrays showed a cloudy left lung - the dr said that basically no oxygen was able to go into that lung.

Fortunately, these symptoms weren't due to her blood transfusion - that went well.  Her drs don't expect to have to do another transfusion because her hemoglobin levels are back to normal.

Unfortunately,  they're not really sure what's causing the symptoms.  Her pulmonologist (lung specialist) said that he's not too concerned though - he sees these symptoms in his post-op medically fragile patients sometimes.  

Today, they've increased her breathing treatments and are giving meds to take some of the fluid off of her lungs (extra fluid administered after the surgery to make up for the blood loss could be collecting around her lungs, making it difficult for them to fully inflate).  Her breathing is still quite labored, but since this morning, we haven't really seen fever spikes (the highest it got today was 101.5 but it's mainly stayed at 100). 

Her swelling is down a little more, but her eyes have stayed mostly shut.

She'll definitely be staying through the weekend, and we don't have a go-home date.

Hospital shots from today and yesterday are below:

This picture was taken yesterday.  She was feeling better and playing with her rings.

You can see her eyes are slightly open; they haven't opened much more than that.

Taken tonight - she's back to resting up.

A little sick bug - we would love to have her home soon.

Cranio... Day 3

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's the best word to describe today?  Fine? Lukewarm? Progressive...ish?

Any of those would probably work.   

Good things about today:  
  • Bryce and I got to hold her today!
  • The shunt was taken out of her head because her head has stopped draining fluid.  
  • The swelling in her head went down, and she opened her eyes slightly.  
Bad things about today:
  • She needed a blood transfusion this evening because her hemoglobin levels were very low (she is responding well to it though).  
  • Also, her fever hasn't gone down.  In fact, it spiked as high as 103.5.  She is being treated with antibiotics and Tylenol - those meds will cover whatever infection she has - they'll know exactly what it is (nothing too serious is expected) when her lab cultures come back tomorrow or the next day.
  • Her dressings came off (which I guess I could've put under good things because it's a sign of proper healing), but that means we can see her whole scar and her bald head:|.  (That's not the reason why there's no picture tonight; I didn't upload one because I'm too tired to deal with uploading pics.) 
If her fever and hemoglobin numbers level out, she could go home on Saturday, but it will probably be more like Sunday or Monday.  

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