C celebrates Cinco de Mayo AT HOME...

Monday, May 5, 2008

...Arriba, Arriba :)!

We got to celebrate CDM by bringing Caroline home this afternoon. She's pretty tired and weak, but we can already tell that she's bouncing back from this hospital stay much more easily than from other stays in the past. Thanks again for your concern, prayers, and support. We've felt lifted up because of your help.

She gets to doze off at home.


  1. Yeah she's home! She looks beautiful as always.
    The way her hair grows it will be back in no time. Hope you guys can get some more rest now that she is home.

  2. So glad she is home safe and that all is well. Can't wait to see that red hair again!

  3. we are so happy she is home and that everything went well. we love reading your blog. You guys are inspiring and you have a strong little girl.

  4. We are so glad that Caroline is doing well. Isn't she amazing! If an adult had to go through that same surgery, I don't think we'd be as tough. We are glad she is home. Love you all!


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