Cranio... Day 3

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's the best word to describe today?  Fine? Lukewarm? Progressive...ish?

Any of those would probably work.   

Good things about today:  
  • Bryce and I got to hold her today!
  • The shunt was taken out of her head because her head has stopped draining fluid.  
  • The swelling in her head went down, and she opened her eyes slightly.  
Bad things about today:
  • She needed a blood transfusion this evening because her hemoglobin levels were very low (she is responding well to it though).  
  • Also, her fever hasn't gone down.  In fact, it spiked as high as 103.5.  She is being treated with antibiotics and Tylenol - those meds will cover whatever infection she has - they'll know exactly what it is (nothing too serious is expected) when her lab cultures come back tomorrow or the next day.
  • Her dressings came off (which I guess I could've put under good things because it's a sign of proper healing), but that means we can see her whole scar and her bald head:|.  (That's not the reason why there's no picture tonight; I didn't upload one because I'm too tired to deal with uploading pics.) 
If her fever and hemoglobin numbers level out, she could go home on Saturday, but it will probably be more like Sunday or Monday.  

1 comment:

  1. You are so brave!
    I'm so glad that your baby girl is doing well.
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