Cranio...Day 4

Friday, May 2, 2008

After I posted last night, Caroline took a turn for the worse.  Her fever spiked to 104, and she started desating (the amount of oxygen in her blood kept dropping below where it should be).

So, the nurses had to bag her (put a bag over her trach to breath for her) for awhile.  After things calmed down, tests and xrays were done;  the xrays showed a cloudy left lung - the dr said that basically no oxygen was able to go into that lung.

Fortunately, these symptoms weren't due to her blood transfusion - that went well.  Her drs don't expect to have to do another transfusion because her hemoglobin levels are back to normal.

Unfortunately,  they're not really sure what's causing the symptoms.  Her pulmonologist (lung specialist) said that he's not too concerned though - he sees these symptoms in his post-op medically fragile patients sometimes.  

Today, they've increased her breathing treatments and are giving meds to take some of the fluid off of her lungs (extra fluid administered after the surgery to make up for the blood loss could be collecting around her lungs, making it difficult for them to fully inflate).  Her breathing is still quite labored, but since this morning, we haven't really seen fever spikes (the highest it got today was 101.5 but it's mainly stayed at 100). 

Her swelling is down a little more, but her eyes have stayed mostly shut.

She'll definitely be staying through the weekend, and we don't have a go-home date.

Hospital shots from today and yesterday are below:

This picture was taken yesterday.  She was feeling better and playing with her rings.

You can see her eyes are slightly open; they haven't opened much more than that.

Taken tonight - she's back to resting up.

A little sick bug - we would love to have her home soon.


  1. I just wanted to say I'm keeping up on your progress and letting my mom know about it all. We are thinking about you. I can't imagine what it must be like to see your sweet little girl like that. SO cute that after all of this she is hangin onto her rings! So sweet! I'm so sorry you have to go through this. But I hope everything comes out on top. Again, you are both amazing people. GET WELL SOON CARO!

  2. I read this report with sadness. I am glad tomorrow is fast sunday. We know that for which we fast this Sunday, for sure.

    Even though there are problems to report I am glad you have the courage to post and let us know. We love you so much and little Caro is precious beyond words.

  3. I've been in Provo for the last week or so and finally got the time this afternoon to read through all the postings. We too will be keeping you in our prayers as we fast tomorrow.
    Love you, Aunt Kris


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