Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I hope all of the women out there had a great Mother's Day - mine certainly was! B made me waffles for breakfast, got me a nice present AND made me dinner (well he chopped everything and mixed the sauces - I threw it all together at the end).

Caro's recovering very well, much better than expected. She's active and alert most of the time, but she still tires easily and needs pain medication every once in awhile. This week, we'll really see how recovered she is because she's going to resume physical, occupational, and speech therapy appointments.

Here are the latest pictures of her -taken this afternoon.

Listening to the rattle...

"What's that you say, Mr. Rattle?"

Our little GI Jane

"Don't call me, GI Jane. I'm still a cutie."

I love this expression of her's - a mix of funny and cute.


  1. She is looking great! Happy mothers day Erika!!

  2. My Mother's Day is complete with your blog. I told Teresa I hoped there would be pictures from you today. Sweet pictures. Love each one.

  3. Happy Mother's Day! I am so glad to hear that Caroline is doing well. She looks adorable.

  4. She looks great! Happy Mother's day.

  5. Glad to see her home and looking so beautiful. Happy Mothers Day!


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