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Monday, July 21, 2008

Some of you have been wondering...

The Rollover: Caro has rolled once since the original roll but nothing after that.

Physical therapy/improving C's physical development is something like a layperson learning how to play baseball or golf...after much repetition (i.e. - hundreds of practice sessions), one could learn how to throw a curve ball or hit a golf ball properly, but that's the only way it will begin to "come naturally" for that person. Most children are the Tiger Woods/Nolan Ryan of rolling over, crawling, walking, etc., but Caro must practice, practice, practice - and does so at 5 PT/OT sessions a week and at home with me and her dad day in and day out.

She works very hard to make the smallest of improvements - she is an example to me of perserverence.

Weblinks on the side:

Politicker NV - as the name suggests, it's a site about politics in Nevada - very comprehesive and has a lot of links to other NV political sites

Nevada P.E.P. - a support organization for children with special needs (Bryce referred to it in a post below) - they've given us a lot of great information

Seriously, So Blessed - a spoof (NOT an actual friend of mine) of the typical Mormon girl's so funny because it's so true

5 Minutes for Special Needs - This site just started up (its sister site is 5minutes for Moms) and I've just scratched its surface but love what I've read so far


  1. Indeed, C has amazing perseverance! I'm proud of your little bug and enjoy reading about her developments. Thanks for sharing, and can't wait to check out some of your new links too-fun!

  2. So good to read all about her, she amazes me each time. Can't wait to try the edamole dip and are you going to your 10yr reunion?? I hope so cause I am!

  3. I have read this entry twice and each time I think it says "Potlicker" and not "Politiker". Funny.


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