Back in the Saddle Again

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hello, everyone!  Sorry we've been so remiss in our blogging.  We've received several complaints, which have been noted and filed with our complaint department.  Please think of the extra pictures below & the smiles in the pic above as an olive branch.

Life has been very hectic.  I'm currently working full-time again (just til November - more info later), and by full-time, I mean FULL, as in all-of-my-time!  As you can see, Little has been a busy bee too.  Yes, that's only one hand of support.

She even sat up by herself for about a minute at therapy the other day.  

Her rolling is coming along nicely.  She's practicing more and more (you'll have to trust us as there are no pictures on file).

She finds it easier to play with toys WHILE sitting up, another advancement.

And her smiles have become a daily occurrence...

She's a happy one.

She loves her little room.  It has been a wonderful tool; it helps with her memory, her play, and her movement (she has to reach and roll to grab things).

She gets to find toys on her own, not just have toys presented to her.

Look how big she is (yes, Mom, sorry about the diaper shot!).

From the roof of her room...

She's still Daddy's girl

...and she especially loves kisses on her hands lately.

Playing with Dad's hair, trying to keep him awake while he feeds her...

... unfortunately, not a success - her Dad's a sleepy one.

Thanks for continuing to keep tabs on us, even with our long pause in blogging!   


  1. We miss her already!! She's a smiley!

  2. I am totally blog stalking right now, but I love reading about Caro. She is just so peaceful, you guys are awesome. Good luck with work, and let me know if I can help you in anyway.

  3. Wonderful pictures. You made my day. Thanks for taking the time from your busy lives to post. Love you all. What a cute smile!

  4. She is getting to BIG!!! I love those chubby legs. Hooray for all her new tricks.

  5. What a beautiful dress she has on...almost as beautiful as her smile :)

  6. Love the pictures Erika and hearing about Caroline's progress. She is so cute and we miss you all. We had so much fun at the family reunion. I especially loved seeing you sitting out in the hall the last night laughing and having a great time.

  7. Your family is an inspiration, and your daughter is a beautiful warrior! She is truly amazing. I am a stranger to you, but I know your heartache and your joys. Thank you for sharing your life.


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