A Pumpkin's Story

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Caroline loves Halloween...

because her hair matches all of the festive outfits.

She still doesn't know what her costume will be..., she decides to use her "i"Phone (the "i" stands for imaginary:) to call Gma and ask her...

.... but then she decides whatever Mom and Dad pick out is fine with her...

...and she falls peacefully...


Celiac Attack

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not wanting Caroline to be the only one in the fam w/a rare genetic disorder, Bryce was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a couple weeks ago.
If you haven't heard of Celiac Disease, it is a digestive disorder caused by an autoimmune response to foods containing gluten. The only treatment for this disease is to go on a life-long gluten free diet. 

He had none of the common symptoms of celiac; the only way he found out about this was because he happened to get a blood test for some additional life insurance, and it showed that he had elevated liver enzymes. After numerous doctors' visits, various tests (including a liver biopsy) and blood tests, his internist determined that he should have a blood test for celiac. The test came back positive. Then, to confirm that he did in fact have celiac disease, he was referred to a GI for an upper endoscopy where he took a biopsy of his small intestine. The scope revealed that his small intestine was stripped of villi and damaged. The biopsy confirmed that he has celiac disease.

Even though he currently has no symptoms, his GI said that, if he does not adhere to a strict gluten free diet, he will begin to present symptoms of celiac. In addition, and most importantly, failure to adhere to the diet will put him at a high risk for cancer in his small intestine, which is apparently very difficult to treat and has a high mortality rate.

Celiac disease is genetic and is not that uncommon (1 in 133 people).  Gluten is in foods like: bread, pasta, pizza, cookies, cake, pie, flour tortillas, beer (a real sacrifice for B :), most soy sauces, most oats - anything with wheat - pretty much our whole diet:).  

It's not the ideal thing to deal with, but we feel blessed to have discovered it when we did and that is wasn't a more severe diagnosis.  We can make this change and soon it will become easy.  Like I said in a previous post, I'm currently working full-time (fundraising for a county commission candidate), so this hasn't exactly been the easiest time to completely alter my family's diet, but we're adapting.

For more information on celiac disease, go to:

Also, don't worry about us, his doctor said that if he adheres to a gluten free diet, his small intestine should repair itself within a few months and his liver enzymes should return to normal. Then he'll finally be able to get that extra life insurance : )

Healthy and Happy

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grandma S visited and did a photo shoot w/her girl

Grandma loves hair accessories for Little

Good news! Caro saw her GI yesterday.  She weighed in at 28 pounds 0.5 ounces (50th percentile) and is now 34 inches long (75th percentile).  No changes to her feeding schedule (same since April). She just keeps growing!

Photo Shoot the Sequel "Because what else is there to do"

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pictures of Little from Sunday afternoon 

Her new fave toy - she likes the texture on the bee's wings

Our angel 

There's a bee on my head

She's getting to be a long one...

Her sitting is getting better and better

...but she still has to do tummy time

"Seriously, Mom?"

"Fine, I'll push up, but I won't like it"

A well-deserved nap

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