A Pumpkin's Story

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Caroline loves Halloween...

because her hair matches all of the festive outfits.

She still doesn't know what her costume will be..., she decides to use her "i"Phone (the "i" stands for imaginary:) to call Gma and ask her...

.... but then she decides whatever Mom and Dad pick out is fine with her...

...and she falls peacefully...



  1. She has quite the story to tell :) She is such a sweet girl. Thanks for letting me hold her! We love you guys!

  2. That could be published in a book- we miss her soooo much. Tell her U. Jack and Aunt Mel love her!

  3. She is the sweetest little punkin' ever.

  4. Your little stories are so cute.

    She always is in the cutest outfits and I love her hair color. I am very jealous that she fell asleep on the couch by herself!!! Zara never falls asleep unless we're holding her.

  5. Love the pics. Mom and Dad will have to think hard to come up with a cuter costume than last year!

  6. Hey Erika,

    This is Bridget Baker (used to be Stuckey). I am not working at the same firm anymore, so I lost track of your email address!! I was so glad to find your blog. Caroline is so cute, and growing so much!! Please email me at!! You can check out our family website at


  7. Hello, I was just looking around the internet for some information about the "little room" and found your beautiful daughter! I am a graduate student at Hunter College studying early childhood special education (severe/multiple & deafblindness)...Your page is great, and it is so important for the world to learn more about this very special population--Thank You!

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