Caroline on TV!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Well, not really but very close...

A family with a little boy w/9p deletion was given an Extreme Home Makeover.  Caroline also has 9p deletion (plus 1q duplication), so it was great to see someone with facial features and characteristics so similar to Caroline's on TV!  This episode meant so much to me - I was crying as soon as I saw the little boy.  He is one of twins, and his name is Evan Martirez (see above for a pic of Evan in his walker).  He doesn't have as many medical problems as Caroline, but the diagnosis is so similar and it gives us hope that, one day, Caroline will be as mobile as Evan is.

It would mean so much if you would take a moment to watch the first segment of this show.  To do that, you go to Extreme Makeover:Home Edition, then click on a box on the right of the webpage titled "CATCH UP on recent episodes ONLINE NOW".  Then, it will ask you to install a launch player - do that - it goes very quickly.  Then a window called Full Episode Player should come up.

After that, click on "Watch the Latest Episode" - or, if you see this after Sunday the 16th, it's Episode 7: Martirez/Malik Families (from November 9, 2008). 

I know this is a bit of a pain, but please take the time to at least watch the first segment (where they introduce the family).  It's wonderful to see families that are different from the norm be given a chance to be understood.

Thanks and let us know what you think!

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