A Christmas Poem

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is coming,
How can you tell?
Caro's wearing red, 
And swinging like a bell.

Excited for bright lights,
Excited for fun,
Excited for presents,
And the wrappings therefrom.

Anxious for Christmas,
Why won't it come,
Caro's tired of waiting,
And getting quite bummed.

Tired of waiting,
If it doesn't come soon,
Caro may give up,
And think that it's June!

But how can I forget?
She says with a smile,
There's a tree in our house,
It's been here a short while.

And there's snow on the ground,
How can this be!
We live in Las Vegas,
It's a desert you see?

And the snow keeps on coming,
Falling far and wide,
Caro likes it a lot,
So long as it's outside.

Christmas will come,
But it won't stay for long,
So let's enjoy the waiting,
With kindness, love, and song.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Christmas Lights

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Caroline enjoyed participating in the Christmas decorating a couple of weeks ago.  She really liked the lights.  See pics below (sorry most are blurry, but I still think they're magical.)

This Christmas has been bittersweet.  Caroline's progress encourages us (we love to see her respond to light, sound, toys,etc.), but it's so far from where we thought we would be with an almost 2-year old.  This would be the Christmas where she starts to understand and get excited about Santa and presents, where she could actually toddle around to look at the ornaments, when she might've even given us hugs to say thank you.  

It has been almost 2 years since we received Caroline's diagnosis, so you'd think we'd be over the loss by now...just accept that this is how she is and move on.  And we do that a lot of the time, but I'm not sure if the memory of those expectations, those dreams will ever fully fade.  So, we see Caroline as a "Dream Deferred" - we know that because Christ was born and died for us one day we will see her be able to do all that any other child can do - and our dream deferred will come true.  

So, we see these Christmas lights that Caroline sees and remember the Light of the World who gives us wonderful hope in a life to come....

Looking at the lights and smelling the fresh Christmas tree

Daddy showing Caro the tree

She liked to touch the branches...

...and she liked rubbing her feet on the pine needles.

This pic was taken during another decorating day (we had to do it in phases this year).  She got so tired from all of the excitement.

"Over the River and Through the Woods..." or "A Visit to Grandpa's Gun Shop"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yes, both titles could apply to a post about our Thanksgiving trip to my grandparents' house in Palm Springs....

After a yummy and comfort-food-filled Thanksgiving dinner, in the midst of a typical post-feast evening - watching football, eating pie, flipping through Black Friday ads - Bryce said, pointing to a few gun ads, "let's get one of those."  I shrugged "hmm, I don't think that's really my family's thing..." to which he countered "I bet your Grandpa has a gun."  

So, after my dad agreed w/B's suspicions, we turned to my Grandpa and asked him, and boy was I wrong!  My grandpa confirmed, "yes, I think I have a few."  Well, my brother started exploring the house to find them, and below you'll see that my Grandpa did indeed have "a few" guns...

A family that weaponizes together stays together.

Ok, that's the main story from the trip, but we did have fun showing off Caroline to everyone...

Caroline in her positioning chair (Bryce is spotting her, but she can hold up her head in this chair [a Rifton chair made by the Amish!] for much of the time.)  We call it her school desk.

GGma and Little were buddies...

Finally, we did a full family photoshoot w/Mel's family friend, Paulette Blomquist.  We love the pictures she took - she really captured Caroline!  I've posted some below of me, B, and C below...but I'm reserving some of the whole family for the Christmas card we hope to get out by mid-March : ).  Enjoy!

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