Christmas Lights

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Caroline enjoyed participating in the Christmas decorating a couple of weeks ago.  She really liked the lights.  See pics below (sorry most are blurry, but I still think they're magical.)

This Christmas has been bittersweet.  Caroline's progress encourages us (we love to see her respond to light, sound, toys,etc.), but it's so far from where we thought we would be with an almost 2-year old.  This would be the Christmas where she starts to understand and get excited about Santa and presents, where she could actually toddle around to look at the ornaments, when she might've even given us hugs to say thank you.  

It has been almost 2 years since we received Caroline's diagnosis, so you'd think we'd be over the loss by now...just accept that this is how she is and move on.  And we do that a lot of the time, but I'm not sure if the memory of those expectations, those dreams will ever fully fade.  So, we see Caroline as a "Dream Deferred" - we know that because Christ was born and died for us one day we will see her be able to do all that any other child can do - and our dream deferred will come true.  

So, we see these Christmas lights that Caroline sees and remember the Light of the World who gives us wonderful hope in a life to come....

Looking at the lights and smelling the fresh Christmas tree

Daddy showing Caro the tree

She liked to touch the branches...

...and she liked rubbing her feet on the pine needles.

This pic was taken during another decorating day (we had to do it in phases this year).  She got so tired from all of the excitement.


  1. I looked at the first picture before I even started reading the post and I was thinking the exact thing. I think they look awesome a little blured. Glad that she enjoyed herself.
    BY the way, she is beautiful in her little dress.

  2. She is so cute in that dress. And her hair is great--she had no trouble growing that back.

    And, hooray for real Christmas trees. There's just no replacing them! (Remember our tree in Santa B that we made our home teachers get for us? That was great. )

  3. I liked your comment about a "Dream Deferred." That is so true. I still get sad when I think about what we are missing with Ella, but it gets easier. She doesn't know what she is missing and she will get to experience it all someday when her little body is perfect. I just hopes she forgives me for all my imperfections...I am sure she will have a lot to teach me in the life to come!

    Love you guys!

  4. That is a cute dress she's in. I love the binky hanging out of her mouth.

    I think any parent would feel the way you do, but not any parent would be as patient and loving as you are. You guys are really amazing, from how much I can tell from your blog at least.

  5. Really love the pictures. The dress was pretty when I saw it at Thanksgiving time but now on Caro it is wonderful.

    I wish life could be easier for the Lovelands.I truly do@ I too mourn those losses you spoke so eloquently about.

    Christmas is a hard time for so many people because of our expectations, those we have had and those we hope will be and somehow they never quite get met.

    I am glad we are all going to be together for one more Christmas! So looks like I will get my main Christmas wish this year.

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