"Over the River and Through the Woods..." or "A Visit to Grandpa's Gun Shop"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yes, both titles could apply to a post about our Thanksgiving trip to my grandparents' house in Palm Springs....

After a yummy and comfort-food-filled Thanksgiving dinner, in the midst of a typical post-feast evening - watching football, eating pie, flipping through Black Friday ads - Bryce said, pointing to a few gun ads, "let's get one of those."  I shrugged "hmm, I don't think that's really my family's thing..." to which he countered "I bet your Grandpa has a gun."  

So, after my dad agreed w/B's suspicions, we turned to my Grandpa and asked him, and boy was I wrong!  My grandpa confirmed, "yes, I think I have a few."  Well, my brother started exploring the house to find them, and below you'll see that my Grandpa did indeed have "a few" guns...

A family that weaponizes together stays together.

Ok, that's the main story from the trip, but we did have fun showing off Caroline to everyone...

Caroline in her positioning chair (Bryce is spotting her, but she can hold up her head in this chair [a Rifton chair made by the Amish!] for much of the time.)  We call it her school desk.

GGma and Little were buddies...

Finally, we did a full family photoshoot w/Mel's family friend, Paulette Blomquist.  We love the pictures she took - she really captured Caroline!  I've posted some below of me, B, and C below...but I'm reserving some of the whole family for the Christmas card we hope to get out by mid-March : ).  Enjoy!


  1. i admire the love you give..
    may it will come back to you a thousand folds!
    God bless you, your family and your undertakings.

  2. Love the guns!
    Your family pics are great. Caroline is adorable and I think has the fastest growing hair ever!

  3. Great pictures and family! Love you all. "Just a few guns...." Oh, my goodness. Now, if those were only paintball guns. Eight of us went paintballing the day after Thanksgiving. It was a blast and I have the bruises to prove it. Unfortunately, Becca forgot her camera. It was a lot of fun. Maybe for the next Sanofsky reunion....
    Love, Aunt Kris

  4. Wow, what guns! I love the family pictures. What great shots and color!

  5. So beautiful. . . and I don't just mean Bryce.

  6. Wow that's so funny! We are storing a friends gun case at our house right now (you know, because our house is considered such a storage unit! So we have...a few as well. :) Lovely pictures!!! She's got a great chair!

  7. What fun pictures Erika. I really had to chuckle at the title of your blog for Thanksgiving. However, I need to publish a disclaimer. In all the 60 years grandpa and I have been married, we have never gone hunting. Grandpa did a little duck hunting but that is about it. I don't know how to fire a gun. These guns were just in the family handed down. A couple are old relics, a couple were Gramps parents guns. They used to deer hunt for food. A couple belong to Bruce and Jeff and are just stored here short ter,. Still a very fun picture. So we are not gun people :-)

  8. You look beautiful in your pictures! I can't believe Caroline's hair--absolutely gorgeous and she is getting so big! Glad you guys had a fun Holiday.

  9. Wow! Those are great pictures. I can't wait for the Christmas card!

  10. You look so beautiful in the new family pics. I love your hair.

  11. Pics are awesome! You are so perty. :) The gun story is absolutely hysterical, Erika. Thanks for sharing.

    Hey, finally putting the blog you made us to good use. Check it out!

    Love you.


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