Adorable Caro

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We were in California last week and went to a fun bday party for our friend's daughter. Cassaundra, the mother, is a WONDERFUL photographer, and she took a couple pics of Caroline that just made my heart melt. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Little and Daddy

We were outside for the party and our Little doesn't like being outside (not a fan of sun in her eyes and wind), but she was a very good-sport girl for the party!


  1. Hi to the Lovelands. I just found your blog through Facebook and Bryce... I must say that just reading your blog had me in tears. Your wife seems like the most incredible woman alive. I fell in love with your little sweetheart and hope that all continues to work out for all of you. My sister's little boy was born with hydrocephalus and though not as severe, I have had a SMALL glimpse of the trials involved with a special needs child and I must say you seem to be handling things in JUST the way the Lord would want you to. I'm sure there are Horrible times but your faith seems incredible. Just reading your blog made me so thankful for everything in my own life. What a great privilege it was to find my long lost friend! Keep in touch.

  2. That picture with the party hat has got to be the cutest ever. Adelyn was just admiring it with me.

  3. What cute pictures. I put the birthday hat and Caro on my desktop wallpaper. Very sweet.

  4. wow those are excellent!!!!!!!


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