Grandma and Grandpa's visit

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My parents were in town last week and were able to spend lots of time with little C. We asked them to make her Rifton Chair more fun to be in as she has difficulty keeping her balance and sitting up.  They collaborated with Erika to come up with the creative idea to velcro tupperware on the desk (to keep them in place) and fill them with items that are interesting in texture and fun to play with. These toys have kept her busy enough so that she doesn't have her mind on how hard it is to sit up on her own!

Gma L showing Caro how to play with her new toys:

Don't eat the toys!

Who me? Fine I won't eat them I'll just smoke them.

Whatever, these toys are delicious!

Thanks G&G L for visiting!  We miss you!


  1. Such a great idea for her! And she was siting up! That is awesome.
    Oh, by the way, thanks for being a good inspirational runner for me.


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