Happy Belated Easter Everyone!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hi hi, everyone! We had a good, low-key Easter, and by low-key, I mean LOW-KEY! I'm talking no eggs, no ham, no baskets, etc. Buy, hey, I did get Little an Easter dress and shoes AND a cardigan, which is a first for me. I embarrassed to admit that I hadn't purchased a dress or shoes for her before : ). This sounds neglectful, but it's not - I'm telling you. With all of the clothes from family (especially Gmas!) and friends, I've never needed to get her a dress (I will say I have purchased a couple regular outfits for her...) nor shoes (she doesn't walk so I haven't been so motivated w/the shoe thing).

Anyway, I am now a good mom : )!

Enjoy the pics of the aforementioned dress/shoes (I also have to say the shoes pictured below weren't the cutest I'd picked out, but, because I'd never bought her shoes before, I didn't know her size. So, I picked out a couple pairs and the shoes below are what worked. She's a size 5 fyi.):

Caro and her first Peep

Tummy time in her Easter dress

Daddy and tired Little (these were taken AFTER church, so she had had it)

Our Happy Easter bunny


  1. Good job on the Easter dress--darling!

  2. That is a cute Easter dress. Good job picking it out!

  3. WHat a cute dress, and a CUTE girl!! :-)


  4. The dress is gorgeous...and so is the little darling wearing it!!

  5. Very cute dress. Ashlynn had the same one. We love target!


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