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Thursday, June 11, 2009

When we cook dinner, we'll put Caro in her high chair to have her sit w/us in the kitchen.  We give her little tastes of food while we cook.  But sometimes, she gets tired sitting up for so long.  A few weeks ago, she fell asleep in her highchair, and I thought it was very cute...

The "shoes" she's wearing in this pic are her AFO's; they are orthopedics that help make sure her feet form correctly and provide her support while sitting and standing (you can see them in the stander pics too).

In other news, on May 2nd, our stake hosted a 5k and track meet; it was so much fun.  Bryce, my dad, and I all ran in the 5k together.  My mom was nice enough to watch the Little while we were there (Little doesn't like the outdoors very much - her eyes don't handle the sun well at all).  

Bryce, of course, had one of the best time there w/a 24:03.  I came in w/a 30:30 - almost a minute better than my first 5k, so I was happy w/that.  I'm still running and hope to come in under 30 minutes one of these days.

Here are some pics after the race.  I loved being there with the two favorite men in my life (Jack, you're of course #3: ):

Bryce and me

Dad and me

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