Caro's version of monkey bars

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Caroline has a funny hobby. Every night, once we put her in her crib, she decides it's playtime. Her "monkey bars" are made up of a string that we've hung above her crib to help hang her feeding tube when she has her late night feedings -- the string is tied to the crib on one end and to an IV pole on the other (the IV pole was used to help hang up bags full of her food when she used to be on a continuous feeding drip through the night, but she doesn't really need that anymore, so now the IV pole is really just there to be a part of her gym equipment : ).

Anyway, you can see how much fun she has...

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but when she's doing this, she's swinging around like crazy! She has also figured out that, if she pulls her legs in while wrapped around the string, the pole will bang against the crib and make a fun, loud sound. She does this several times in a row (and, as a consequence, the crib has several fun dents in it) .


  1. It reminds me of people that do acrobats. You know, the ones that are intertwined in the cloth material.
    This is pretty sweet what she is doing. I'm glad you shared this with us. :)

  2. Wow I want some over my crib! :-) You should post a video!


  3. erica,

    found your blog today while browsing, i'm very excited i did, it seems like forever since we've chatted. lovely to see caroline is a redhead, she's a beauty.

    sarah x

  4. Always glad to see new pictures. I would like to see this activity in real time! Very glad to have been able to spend a few hours with your sweet family recently. Love Gma


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