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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Remember back in June when wondered if I should train for a half-marathon?

Well, I decided to run it. I've trained for the last 14 weeks, and now it's here - this Saturday I'm running it. Needless to say, I'm a bit nervous, but I've prepared as best I can despite having strep throat AND getting achilles tendonitis last month.

To avoid getting too psyched out, I am trying to think of the run on Saturday as just another long run. Nevertheless, your prayers for me and my craziness would be most appreciated!

One thing that helps me run is my iPod's playlist. Music is a must-have for me. I've listed below some of my go-to, never fail to pump me up, songs. Will you do me a favor and comment w/your favorite songs that do the same during your workouts? I could use a few fresh tunes for race day.

Boom Boom Pow, Black Eyed Peas
Crazy (James Michael Mix), Alanis Morissette
Forever, Chris Brown (I know, this song is tired, but for some reason I never get sick of it!)
Welcome to the Jungle
Play it Loud, MXPX
Sandstorm, Darude
Fire Burning, Sean Kingston
Get Up (edited ver.), 50 cent
Pump It, Black Eyed Peas


  1. Let's get it started by Black Eyed Peas. Their stuff just has the best rythmn! Or anything by Britney Spears of the PussyCat Dolls. WHAT? Who admitted they listen to that! :p

    Darling pics from Halloween! She looks so cute :)

  2. Okay, I feel the same way. I'm so nervous. Just thinking about it makes my stomach turn.
    So here is a song that I am loving right now that is on my playlist:

    Ignorance from Paramore. Anything really off their new album is off the hook! ;)

  3. Good luck, girl. You're going to do awesome.
    A couple good songs that get me going:
    Bye Bye Bye by NSync (Oldie but a goodie. Believe it or not, it works. It's a got a fast beat that keeps on movin')
    Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne (This one also gets me to pick up the pace whenever it comes around in the shuffle.)
    Umbrella by Rihanna
    Decode by Paramore
    Lonely No More by Rob Thomas
    I know -- kind of random stuff, but hopefully it'll give you a variety you can pick from.
    Good luck! I wish I was running with you! Next year, K?!?!!?!!!!!

  4. You are an inspiration to me. Go for it Girl! We went to the temple in San Diego Tues and your name is on that list. You will do great!

  5. Before I divulge some of my recommendations I would like to state as a disclaimer that for the purpose of work-out music, I sometimes gravitate towards music/songs that may or may not be utterly cheesy and ridiculous. Songs that in mixed company, I would hesitate to admit to get the idea. Not all of these songs fall into that category, but some definitely do.

    Katy Perry "Fingerprints"
    Kelly Clarkson "The day we fell apart"
    Black Eyed Peas "Shut Up"
    Gnarls Barkley "Smiley Faces"
    Jimmy Eat World "Just Tonight" and/or "Bleed American"
    Paramore "For a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic"

    my list is getting a little long...should I just burn you a little mix and you can see if any of it suits your running fancy?

  6. Good luck!! I can't wait to see your success photos!



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