Worth the wait/Happy Halloween!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I think you'll find these Halloween pics of Little will make up for our October blogging break...

Our Strawberry Shortcake

These were taken after our ward's trunk or treat (see below), so she was a little spent.

"Maybe if I scrunch down they won't see me..."

Couple of pics from Trunk or Treat (Caro's first one, and she did well! Plus, everyone loved her costume - she was the darling of the night.)

B and I actually dressed up! B was a sheriff and I was a cowgirl (i.e. - the easiest costumes we could come up w/at the last minute)


  1. Yes, I must say that she was very cute in her costume. Oh, and girl you are looking good as a cowgirl. Cute little family picture.

  2. I love that first shot of her smiling. And you guys look great! Especially the beautiful cowgirl! What a cute little shortcake, though. Love the tights.


  3. I love the strawberry shortcake costume! Too cute! And you look so great!

  4. What a perfect strawberry shortcake!! And way to work the cowboy/girl hats. Good look on you guys!

  5. ADorable!! She is getting so tall!

  6. Oh boy, you made my day! What darling pictures. Love them all, especially the one of all of you in the trunk of your car. What a cute couple you are in western gear and holding that darling little one! Cute, cute costume!


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